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Commission for Occupational Health and Safety and Standardization (KAN)

We represent occupational health and saftey interests in the standardization process


The KAN Secretariat staff are now all working from home. You can reach us on our office phone numbers and e-mail addresses as usual.

Please note that we are currently unable to dispatch any orders of printed publications. You can nevertheless still use the online order form; we will process any incoming orders as soon as we are able to.

All KAN events scheduled until the beginning of June have been cancelled or postponed. If you have already registered for an event, we will automatically keep you updated.

KANBrief 1/20

Transport and traffic



Modern life is inconceivable without vehicles. They enable us to transport goods on the roads or on company premises, and convey people from A to B. In this issue's Special section, read about the role played by safe vehicle design, and how the visibility of workers in road traffic can be improved.

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KAN Study 08/2018

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Validated OSH-related findings concerning the non-visual effect of light upon human beings - A literature review

The literature review discusses the latest OSH-related findings of scientific studies into the non-visual effects of light. In order for the non-visual effects of light to be considered as broadly as possible, a number of specialist disciplines – chronobiology, occupational medicine and lighting technology – were involved in the KAN Study. The comprehensive assessment from the perspective of lighting technology can be found in the annex. This assessment sets out principles of lighting technology and current knowledge of potential harm to the eyes caused by an excessively intense blue light component.

Download KAN Study 08/2018 (pdf, not barrier-free) (german; english summary)
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