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KANBrief 3/23

Information security

  • EU Regulation: world of networked equipment and machinery to be made more secure
  • Proven knowledge in new industrial security specifications
  • The new Machinery Regulation and what it means for harmonized standards
  • Digital ergonomics: KAN project provides an overview of the current progress of research
  • ASGA: a new committee for generic occupational safety and health topics
  • Reform of EU product liability legislation

Download KANBrief 3/23:

KANBrief 3/23, English (pdf)
KANBrief 3/23, full trilingual print version (pdf)
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KAN Study

Digital ergonomics

Survey and evaluation of findings concerning human factors in the sphere of digital ergonomics

The report provides an overview of digital human models (DHMs), their
characteristics, and what they are capable of. In addition, the authors identified the
motion capture (mocap) systems that had been examined in studies.

Download KAN Study 07/2023 (pdf) (German with an English summary)
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