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    Modules: Learning ergonomics

    The website provides ergonomic subject-matter specially developed for use in teaching… to the modules

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  • Zeichnung mit Rittern, die aus einer Burg ausreiten, einem Würfelpaar sowie einem Drachen.
    KANelot - the game: from the idea to the standard

    Follow the KANelot OSH Knights and Ladies of the Standards Table on their journey from the idea for a harmonized European standard through to its final realization.
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    You can count on us for safe solutions!

    KAN: at your service, since 1994
    Organization and functions

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    NoRA: OH&S standards search tool

    Online search tool for standards relating to occupational safety and health. NoRA

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The Commission for Occupational Health and Safety and Standardization (KAN) represents occupational health and saftey interests in the standardization process


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International Product Safety Week 2016
... from 14 to 18 November in Brussels.

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Call for candidates for New Approach Consultant services
... in the in the field of Noise aspects of Machinery Safety

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EUROSHNET Webinar "Ergonomics requirements in type C machinery standards"
You are an OHS expert dealing with machinery standardization and you are facing the problem of...

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IFA Report: Working with dual monitors
The IFA has studied the effects of using either single or dual monitors at office workplaces upon...

KANBrief 3/16

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New technologies

Robotics and networking are buzzwords that characterize the technological developments of recent years. At the same time, these developments give rise to hazards that did not previously exist in the same form. For the OSH community, this means keeping up with developments, and reorientation in some sectors. The examples of human-robot collaboration, 3D printers and self-driving vehicles reveal where occupational safety and health stands today.

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KAN Study 06/2016

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The contribution of OSH-related standardization to implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 

The study is based upon consideration for the abilities that a user must possess in order to be able to use a product safely and ergonomically.  A model was developed by which products can be evaluated against a range of human abilities and characteristics. The assessment model has been incorporated into a list of recommendations that is intended to raise awareness on standards committees and among manufacturers for aspects of inclusion.

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XXI World Congress at Safety and Health on Work 2017
03.09.2017 - 06.09.2017 - Conference
Location: Singapore


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