KANelot - the game: from the idea to the standard

Follow the KANelot OSH Knights and Ladies of the Standards Table as they brave dragons and other challenges on their journey from the idea for a harmonized European standard through to its final realization.

Have fun with KANelot – the OSH Knights of the Standards Table!

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Story (extract)

It's a hard life for a knight. His helmet doesn't fit properly, the visor's broken – again – and the helmet is also starting to rust. Wouldn't it be nice for knights to have a safe helmet that is comfortable and functional? The OSH knights of KANelot have an idea: what we need is a standard.
And so off they go, with other knights and ladies, to create a European standard.

...In the garret of Castle KANelot, the knights look for their travel trunks. However, they have failed to anticipate that a dragon would make a home for itself there – on top of the trunk of all places. Once the dragon has been defeated, the trunks can be packed for the long journey to the knights' helmet standard.

The chamber at Fort DIN is furnished. Interest in the standard for knights' helmets is so great that the OSH knights of the Standards Table must find more seats. Finally, though, they are all seated. The meeting begins with election of the committee's chairperson. Who will be the senior knight or senior lady?...

The draft standard for the knight's helmet has been delivered by carrier pigeon to Dr Translatus, who now translates it into a number of further languages. It is by no means an easy task to find suitable translations for all the technical details that the European Standards Table has come up with. Or would you happen to know the Polish for "visor adjustment screw"?

The messengers distribute the draft standard and nail it to a tree on every market square. This enables the entire population to see how the new knight's helmet is likely to look. The messengers also distribute carrier pigeons free of charge in order for people to be able to submit comments. ...

How does the story continue?

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