KANPraxis Guide: applying anthropometric data

Do you have a need to apply anthropometric data, but have been put off before now by the complexity of the task? Take advantage of our support:  koerpermass.kan-praxis.de. Note: this resource from the KANPraxis series is currently available only in German.

The "Guide: applying anthropometric data" resource is based upon a KAN Study of the subject. It is intended in particular for designers and members of standards committees and supports them in selecting these data and applying them properly. Find answers to your questions concerning anthropometric data during design tasks or work on standards committees.

  • Where can I obtain anthropometric data?
  • What conclusions can I draw from collections of anthropometric data?
  • How are anthropometric data compiled?
  • What are percentiles?
  • What must I consider when combining anthropometric data?
  • What must I consider when using anthropometric data from more than one country?
  • What influence does the age of the data have?
  • What aspects need to be considered during application of data for men and women?
  • What other factors, such as clothing, have an influence upon application of the data in practice?

The answers to these questions can be found at  http://koerpermass.kan-praxis.de. Use the flow chart or the main menu to access the topic where we can support you.