Finding standards on the Internet

Beuth-Verlag offers a simple search facility for standards on its website, together with information on prices and an ordering service.

The location of the nearest DIN standards library can also be found on the site.

European standards can be found using the standards search facility of CEN the European Committee for Standardization.

International standards can be found on the website of ISO, the International Standards Organization.

Useful information on standards

Standards frequently list terminology. To find the English, French or German equivalents of standardized terms, use DIN-TERM, the trilingual terminology database of DIN.

To find not only the translation of the term but also its definition, for example, use the DIN-TERMinology Portal. Use of the portal is free of charge, but users must first register.

CEN BOSS (CEN Business Operations Support System) is the source of information on the rules, methods and procedures employed at CEN, the European Committee for Standardization. The objective of CEN BOSS is to answer the question: who is responsible for what, when and how in the procedures at CEN? A suitable introduction to this comprehensive database can be found under "Supporting material".