KANPraxis Modules: learning ergonomics

The German ergonomics lecture modules are clearly popular resources for the teaching of ergonomics or independent study. Our English version of the modules is intended to make the world of ergonomics accessible to an even more international community.

Design courses often neglect the field of ergonomics in their training despite the importance of having machinery and work equipment that make health-friendly work possible. A useful way of ensuring health-friendliness is to consult standards during the design process.

KAN thus commissioned a project to develop materials for ergonomics lectures. Eight lecture modules were produced (in English and German), which can also be used by lecturers from fields unrelated to ergonomics. The majority of the input was drawn from standards. The materials focus on mechanical and plant engineering but much of the content can be applied to other areas too.

In addition to the theoretical content, the modules contain video sequences to help students visualise situations, cost/benefit analyses and case studies. Additional materials include descriptions of the modules, PowerPoint slides with lecturer’s notes, reading lists and exercises and examination questions with an answer key.


  • Time-saving since the lecture materials are already completely prepared
  • Free use of lecturing documents based on sound expertise and the current standards and scientific findings
  • Up-to-date thanks to regular revision
  • Illustrate real life with video sequences, case studies and exercises
  • Ideal way to supplement own documents thanks to modular structure

Enjoy the world of ergonomics!