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KAN information package

Information package including the latest issues of KANBrief, leaflets, notepad, etc.


4 /22 Standardization and legislation Download pdf | 3,84 MB | accessible
3 /22 How can artificial intelligence be made safe? Download pdf | 3,57 MB | accessible
2 /22 Artificial intelligence Download pdf | 6,49 MB | accessible
1 /22 Safety of power take-off drive shafts Download pdf | 3,49 MB | accessible
4 /21 Occupational safety in additive manufacturing Download pdf | 2,20 MB | accessible
3 /21 Safety and health at work in the EU Download pdf | 1,72 MB | not eAccessible
2 /21 International standardization Download pdf | 4,29 MB | accessible
4 /20 Health and healthcare Download pdf | 2,93 MB | accessible
3 /20 Standardization in the field of human resources management Download pdf | 3,60 MB | accessible

KANBrief print edition

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All back issues of the KANBrief are available for download as PDF files.

KAN leaflets

How are European standards developed? Download pdf | 3,79 MB | not eAccessible
How are international standards developed? Download pdf | 2,01 MB | not eAccessible

KAN Studies

The contribution of OSH-related standardization to implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 07/2016 Download pdf | 1,60 MB | not eAccessible
Operating forces on agricultural machinery - Analysis and measurement of manual operating forces; resulting recommendations, A. Klußmann, P. Serafin, A. Schäfer et al. 11/2013 Download pdf | 9,59 MB | not eAccessible
Safety of forestry machinery, G. Weise 08/2011 Download pdf | 0,65 MB | not eAccessible
Accreditation of conformity assessment bodies, D. Gesmann-Nuissl/J. Ensthaler/R. Edelhäuser 01/2011 Download pdf | 2,21 MB | not eAccessible
Measurement requirements in product standards, S. Riedel/S. Adler/F. Gillmeister/S. Köckritz/J. Mussgnug/H.Mutschler/E. Pencz/T.Schenk 09/2010 Download pdf | 1,20 MB | not eAccessible
The new Machinery Directive - A tool to uncover the changes introduced by the revised directive, edited by U. Bamberg and S. Boy 07/2008 Download pdf | 0,93 MB | not eAccessible
Occupational health and safety aspects in standards governing construction products and their uses, Institut für Bauforschung e. V. 02/2006 Download pdf | 0,65 MB | not eAccessible

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