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    Modules: Learning ergonomics

    The website provides ergonomic subject-matter specially developed for use in teaching… to the modules

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    You can count on us for safe solutions!

    KAN: at your service, since 1994
    Organization and functions

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    NoRA: OH&S standards search tool

    Online search tool for standards relating to occupational safety and health. NoRA

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The Commission for Occupational Health and Safety and Standardization (KAN) represents occupational health and saftey interests in the standardization process


Brexit – guidance to stakeholders
... on impact in the field of industrial products

Industry 4.0 – industrialization of additive manufacturing
This paperback is particularly useful for persons not versed in additive manufacturing.

The legal significance of technical standards as a safety yardstick
What status do non-binding technical standards, published by DIN or other regulatory bodies such as...

EU news flash
In September 2017, the European Commission published an evaluation report on the Machinery...

KANBrief 4/17

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Industry 4.0: vision or reality?

Industry 4.0 is the current buzzword, and is increasingly making its presence felt in companies. Widely diverse technologies, some of them familiar, are being exploited for it, and must be fused together to form a new whole. The impacts upon workers are only beginning to become evident. Join us in taking a look at the situation on the ground.


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KAN Study 05/2017

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Standardization in nanotechnology - Status review and requirements analysis from the occupational safety and health perspective

Around 260 standardization documents related to nanotechnology were identified, including published standards, draft standards, technical specifications and reports as well as (proposed) work items. The majority of the documents describe testing and measurement methods. Others are concerned with terminology, material specifications, process descriptions and guidance. Around 30 documents can be considered directly relevant in terms of occupational safety and health. They are either entirely or partially related to OSH aspects for which there are definitions, process descriptions or other provisions set out in government regulations or the body of rules issued by Germany’s social accident insurance institutions.

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EUROGIP discussions, Digital transformation and health and safety at work in Europe
15.03.2018 - Conference
Location: Paris


32nd International Congress on Occupational Health, Occupational Health and Wellbeing: linking research to practice
29.04.2018 - 04.05.2018 - Congress
Location: Dublin


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