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Commission for Occupational Health and Safety and Standardization (KAN)

We represent occupational health and saftey interests in the standardization process


Save the date - International Bio-Agent Day 2020
„Biological agents at work – a look beyond borders“ 28 April 2020 in Berlin.

10-10 webinars on standardization
On the 10th of each month at 10 am, CEN/CENELEC holds a webinar on topical standardization policy...

App for assessment of the incentive for defeating
The Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the DGUV (IFA) has developed a method by which...

TBT Enquiry Point Germany at DIN
Companies and organizations exporting goods or offering their services abroad must observe the...

KANBrief 1/19

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The EU and standardization

The "New Approach" to product safety has applied in Europe since 1985. EU directives and regulations set out essential requirements, which in turn are supported by harmonized ­European standards. The arrangements for some aspects of the system were recently modified. In the Special section of this issue, read about the impacts of this change, and that statistically, the majority of the harmonized standards governing machine safety are up to date.


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KAN Study 08/2018

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Validated OSH-related findings concerning the non-visual effect of light upon human beings - A literature review

The literature review discusses the latest OSH-related findings of scientific studies into the non-visual effects of light. In order for the non-visual effects of light to be considered as broadly as possible, a number of specialist disciplines – chronobiology, occupational medicine and lighting technology – were involved in the KAN Study. The comprehensive assessment from the perspective of lighting technology can be found in the annex. This assessment sets out principles of lighting technology and current knowledge of potential harm to the eyes caused by an excessively intense blue light component.

The available studies into the non-visual effects of light were conducted primarily under controlled conditions (for example in sleep laboratories). They generally involved only small numbers of test subjects, or were animal experimental studies. These studies are well suited to identifying cause-effect relationships. In turn, the cause-effect relationships facilitate transfer of the results of studies to scenarios beyond those studied. Laboratory studies cannot however describe the actual circumstances at workplaces. Additional studies at workplaces (field studies) involving large numbers of test subjects are therefore important, even though such studies may also be subject to confounding influences that are difficult to control.

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