KANBrief 1/19

Sixth EUROSHNET conference in Dresden: we hope to see you there!

The sixth European conference on standardization, testing and certification to be held from 12 to 14 June 2019, will be hosted by KAN and the DGUV in conjunction with their partners in EUROSHNET, the European network for occupational safety and health experts. Join us and other delegates from all over Europe to discuss the future of standardization, testing and certification in a digitalized world of work, under the heading "Be smart, stay safe together – Innovative products and workplaces".

How far have digitalization and networking already progressed? What will the world of work look like tomorrow? Michael Beilfuss, CEO of the IDG Group (media and services for the technology sector), will deliver a thought-provoking introductory talk on these subjects. New, smart technologies present challenges for occupational safety and health. At the same time, they open up new ways of combating risks more effectively. What influence does IT security have upon the safety of machines and the design and use of smart personal protective equipment? What aspects must be considered when self-driving vehicles are used for transport within plants? What potential is offered by protective gloves that repair themselves when damaged? The EUROSHNET conference will provide you with food for thought on these issues.

The effect of new technologies and digitalization is however not limited to individual products and processes in companies. Standardization, testing and certification must also adjust, in order to keep pace with a rapidly changing world. The DIN and DKE/VDE standards organizations have already begun reviewing their processes, and are presenting new strategies and plans for the future. The certification of persons and skills is being accorded ever greater importance in the world of work. How can these developments be evaluated from the perspective of occupational safety and health? Traditional certification also faces new challenges, in the light of the increasing global networking of products. In Dresden, you will have the opportunity to discuss ideas in these areas with other experts.

Selected specialist topics will be discussed in detail in parallel sessions. The discussion of exoskeletons will address for example how these devices can be integrated into company processes and what benefits, and possibly also adverse impacts, they may have upon the workers. The focus of the second session lies upon aspects of occupational safety and health management. Examples are standardization of psychosocial risks, and various tools and new models for risk assessment and the raising of awareness for occupational safety and health. Innovative solutions and work equipment for the reduction of hazards, both familiar and new, will be presented in the third session.

All in one boat

In a panel discussion, representatives of employers, employees, the market surveillance authorities, manufacturers, and testing and certification bodies will describe their expectations of standardization, testing and certification. For example, a project conducted jointly by the social partners and manufacturers concerning the safety of construction machinery will demonstrate the effectiveness of dialogue and cooperation between different stakeholders, and the resulting enhancement for occupational safety and health.

Promoting this dialogue at European level between the different stakeholders and experts is one of the main objectives of the EUROSHNET conferences. As the President of the International Social Security Association (ISSA), Joachim Breuer supports the philosophy of cross-border cooperation, and his talk will conclude the conference.

Interactive programme items will offer the delegates the opportunity to extend their personal networks. You will be able to use your smartphone to ask questions concerning papers and share your impressions of them. An evening boat trip on the river Elbe will provide a relaxed atmosphere in which both existing and newly forged contacts can be deepened.

Experience new technology first hand

The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition of posters and technical exhibits. For example, you will be able to try out order picking using virtual reality, and experience an exoskeleton in action. Do you have an interesting subject with which to enrich the exhibition? If so,submit your proposal by 15 May. The best poster will be awarded a prize.

Sonja Miesner

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