Rescue from vessels begins with safe design

A person is working inside a pressure vessel, with only the feet sticking out of the very small opening. © Politecnico di Milano

Work in vessels and confined spaces is one of the most hazardous activities. Rescue in the event of an emergency inside the vessel is extremely difficult since vessel openings are often very small. This can be prevented at the design stage by dimensioning the openings in accordance with Annex 4 of the DGUV Rules 113-004, Vessels, silos and confined spaces.

Werner Sterk, Deputy director of the KAN Secretariat and Head of the Safety technology department, addresess this issue in detail in his article published in the Industrial Rescue Journal, issue July-September 2020. The Journal is published by the European Association of Industrial Emergency Response Specialists based in Italy.

A follow-up article is planned for next year.

Rescue from vessels begins with safe design – Part 1
DGUV Rule 113-004 "Vessels, silos and confined spaces"