Standardisation Report by the EU Chamber of Commerce in China

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The Federation of German Industries (BDI) has taken the presentation of the Standardisation Report by the EU Chamber of Commerce in China as an opportunity to call upon the EU to present clear guidelines for dealings with China in its forthcoming standardization strategy. The aim is for Europe to extend its strategic autonomy and technological sovereignty and not to be left behind, particularly in the standardization of future technologies.

"A strong European standardization system is crucial to the competitiveness of the European economy. Standards serve as a foundation for stability and a key competitive tool for industry. Standardization should be an integral part of all future German and European trade strategies. Common technological guiding principles would benefit Europe and China alike. For this to be achieved, China would ultimately have to apply the internationally agreed standards across the board and withdraw conflicting national standards," says Wolfgang Niedermark, member of the BDI's Executive Board.

Source  BDI press release (in German)
Download the report "The shape of things to come" from the website of the EU Camber of Commerce in China”

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