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EUROSHNET Conference 2022: Artificial Intelligence Meets Safety and Health at Work

The EUROSHNET OSH network invites you to the 7th European Conference on standardization, testing and certification in the field of occupational safety and health in Paris on 20 October 2022.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly finding its way into companies, their products and their services. This will undoubtedly also have a major impact on work processes and conditions. For this reason, EUROSHNET, the European network of occupational safety and health experts involved in standardization, testing and certification, is devoting its 7th European Conference entirely to the topic of artificial intelligence.

Experts from the research community and the field will provide insights into what exactly is meant by AI and where it is already being used, or soon will be, in the world of work. The use of AI in interaction and collaboration with human beings raises fundamental issues. Is it justifiable, ethically and from a safety perspective, to leave decisions in production, work organization and workflow to artificial intelligence? Who bears the legal responsibility? How can technical reliability be verified? To answer these questions and to introduce an AI system into the workplace effectively and safely, it is therefore important for us to understand and assess the potential changes in work processes and the opportunities and risks they pose to worker safety and health.

The use of artificial intelligence also has an impact on laws, rules and procedures. How might regulations evolve? At the conference, a representative of the European Commission will present the current state of progress in the development of an EU regulation governing artificial intelligence. Harmonized standards are an effective regulatory tool and play a key role in underpinning the new requirements. What are the challenges for standardization? How are AI systems tested, and what additional testing may be required to attain certification? What bearing does this have upon occupational safety and health? Representatives of the social partners and from the areas of standards development and regulation will address these issues in a panel discussion.

Join experts from occupational safety and health, standardization and legislation in Paris to discuss the changes, challenges and opportunities associated with the current developments. It is important for the occupational safety and health community to be involved in discussion, in order to reach a consensus on the definition of artificial intelligence and on what technologies it should cover, and to identify the various sectors affected.

A reception at the wine museum on the evening of 19 October and an accompanying poster exhibition also form part of the conference programme and provide attendees with an opportunity to expand their personal networks.

Sonja Miesner

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