With the resources in our KANPraxis series, we aim to support you in your work in the area of occupational safety and health and standardization.

This page contains summaries of the various KANPraxis resources:

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KANPraxis Modules: learning ergonomics

The communication of expertise in the area of ergonomics is often neglected during the training of designers. It is however important for machinery and work equipment to permit healthy work. This can be facilitated by reference to standards during the design process. more

The modules in the English version 

KANPraxis NoRA: searching for standards

Searching specifically for standards relating to occupational safety and health is difficult, owing to the large number of standards and the lack of a facility for searching for OSH aspects. NoRA addresses this problem. more

KANPraxis Guide: applying anthropometric data

Do you have a need to apply anthropometric data, but have been put off before now by the complexity of the task? Take advantage of our support:
 koerpermass.kan-praxis.de (in German)

The "Guide: applying anthropometric data" resource is based upon a KAN Study of the subject. It is intended in particular for designers and members of standards committees and supports them in selecting these data and applying them properly. Find answers to your questions concerning anthropometric data during design tasks or work on standards committees. more

KANPraxis Machinery: finding ergonomic solutions

If you are planning a graphic demonstration of the ergonomic aspects of a machine or are looking for ideas and information on what constitutes an ergonomic machine, this web portal and its examples of good practice for ergonomically designed machines may help you. It facilitates the enhancing of awareness for ergonomic parameters during the design of machinery and the location of references to relevant standards. more