Training of scientific divers

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The draft of the EN ISO 8804 series of standards, Requirements for the training of scientific divers, which comprises three parts, reached the public enquiry stage in autumn 2023. However, the training of scientific divers is already governed in Germany by DGUV Rule 101-023 (deployment of research divers), which contains much stricter safety requirements than those of the draft standards.

Two applications by an expert from the BG BAU for membership of the responsible standards committee were rejected in 2022, even though the occupational safety and health lobby was not represented on the committee. Only after several discussions did the committee accept the expert as a guest member, also seconding him to the ISO committee. By this point, however, the standardization work had already reached an advanced stage. As the content of the standards in the series differs substantially from that of the DGUVRule, the BG BAU’s representative asked the KAN Secretariat for support during the public enquiry.

The KAN Secretariat reached and submitted a unanimous vote by the KAN stakeholders. This prevents DIN from voting in favour of the standards at European and international level. Accordingly, DIN abstained from voting on all three parts of the standard at ISO level. Despite this, the series of standards was adopted at international level, and is to be adopted in parallel as a European standard and thus also in the form of a DIN EN ISO standard. The series of standards is expected to be published this year and will include the requirements considered inadequate by the occupational safety and health lobby. The KAN Secretariat is preparing a national foreword drawing attention to the requirement for the regulations of the state and the statutory accident insurance system in Germany, with their stricter provisions, to be observed.