Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing


Numerous national and international standardization activities are currently in progress in the context of Industry 4.0.

KAN considers it important for OSH aspects to be considered and addressed at an early stage during the standards development process. Cooperation and dialogue between the various standards organizations is also important in order for overlap to be avoided.

Safety and security

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Human beings, machinery and installations are being networked increasingly closely. Owing to the interaction between these communication partners, it is not sufficient for functional safety (such as the halting of a machine when a light barrier is penetrated) to be considered in order for human beings to be protected; information security (such as the protection of a robot's programming against manipulation over the network) is equally important.

A wide range of standardization activities in the sphere of functional safety and information security are taking place at CEN/CENELEC and ISO/IEC – as yet, however, quite separately from each other. KAN therefore considers dialogue and cooperation between product safety and IT experts to be important. This would enable OSH aspects to be considered at the start of standardization work, and overlap to be avoided.

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