KANBrief 1/2021 Ergonomics

  • The DIN Ergonomics standards committee: 50 years on
  • Healthy workplaces – lighten the load
  • Is product safety compatible with complex‚ artificial intelligence?
  • Hand-arm vibration exposure caused by isolated shocks
  • The state of the art for hazardous substances at the workplace:The best, or the usual?
  • An appeal from the skilled crafts sector to the standardization community

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Health and healthcare

KANMail 16.12.2020

Standardization in the healthcare sector is extremely diverse. Normative provisions for treatment tables for example are limited to technical product requirements; others address safety and hygiene in tattooing services. The question of what topics should be standardized at all is reflected in the current topic of community face coverings.

KANBrief 4/2020