KANBrief 3/2021 Safety and health at work in the EU

KANMail 27.09.2021

  • EU legislative procedures and scope for exerting influence
  •  Change, prevention and preparedness - new EU Strategic Framework for Safety and Health at Work 2021-2027
  • Brexit – implications for standardisation and legislation
  • Clothing for protection against high pressure water jets – new DIN 19430 standard
  • Permethrin in PPE for protection against tick bites

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KANBrief 2/2021 International standardization

KANMail 22.06.2021

  • China: a developing global power in standardization
  • 75 kg: the standard is not the norm
  • Standardization and the state of the art
  • Smart glasses: from pilot project to application in the field
  • KAN’s contributions to occupational safety and health: the KANPraxis resources at a glance

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KANPraxis NoRA in a new, fresh design

KANMail 10.06.2021

The functions of the NoRA OSH standards search tool available at https://nora.kan-praxis.de/en have been enhanced. The database, which is updated monthly and contains bibliographic data and information on over 10,000 standards relevant to occupational safety and health, has been redesigned and now meets the requirements for accessible website design.

NoRA offers functions for conducting searches of standards according to hazards or areas of applications (subjects). The hit list also contains the tables of contents and abstracts of the standards. ErgoNora provides additional support specifically for searches for standards in the sphere of ergonomics.

Subscribe (free of charge) to the NoRA ticker to receive a monthly overview of standards that have recently been published, revised or withdrawn or that are at the public inquiry stage. The overview is customized to your particular areas of work. In the course of the revision, the ticker has now also been made available in English.

Note: Should you be unable to access the website and instead receive an error message, try deleting your browsing history.

KANBrief 1/2021 Ergonomics

KANMail 23.03.2021

  • The DIN Ergonomics standards committee: 50 years on
  • Healthy workplaces – lighten the load
  • Is product safety compatible with complex‚ artificial intelligence?
  • Hand-arm vibration exposure caused by isolated shocks
  • The state of the art for hazardous substances at the workplace:The best, or the usual?
  • An appeal from the skilled crafts sector to the standardization community

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Health and healthcare

KANMail 16.12.2020

Standardization in the healthcare sector is extremely diverse. Normative provisions for treatment tables for example are limited to technical product requirements; others address safety and hygiene in tattooing services. The question of what topics should be standardized at all is reflected in the current topic of community face coverings.

KANBrief 4/2020