The KANBrief 2/2018 is now available - Safety of construction machinery

Safety of construction machinery

Uneven terrain, dirt, bad weather: construction machinery is exposed on site to numerous influences that do not arise, at least in the same form, in the factory. This should not however be an excuse for poor ergonomics or inadequate safety. With a range of measures and projects, users, operators and manufacturesare aiming to improve the safety of construction machinery.


The KANBrief 1/2018 is now available: Inclusion today

Inclusion today

For a long time, the reality of “inclusion“ was that people with disabilities tended to be employed in simple jobs.

A change in thinking has now taken place: jobs for people with disabilities are increasingly being adapted to their individual needs. This process is being supported by new technical developments such as smart glasses and collaborative robots, which provide support precisely where it is needed.


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