The KANBrief 4/2017 is now available: Industry 4.0: vision or reality?

Industry 4.0 is the current buzzword, and is increasingly making its presence felt in companies. Widely diverse technologies, some of them familiar, are being exploited for it, and must be fused together to form a new whole. The impacts upon workers are only beginning to become evident. Join us in taking a look at the situation on the ground.


KAN at the A+A 2017 in Düsseldorf

KANMail 10-13-2017

A+A, the international trade fair on occupational safety and health, will open its doors in Düsseldorf from 17 to 20 October 2017. We cordially invite you to visit us in Hall 10 on Stand D59 (joint stand with the DGUV). Information will be available on our current areas of activity, such as:

  • Biologically effective lighting
  • Smart PPE
  • Standardization in the sphere of nanotechnology

Numerous publication will also be available, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning occupational safety and health and standardization.

KAN will be involved in the 35th A+A International Congress for Occupational Safety and Occupational Medicine with the following events and papers:

  • Tuesday, 17 October, 14.40

Hazardous substances in personal protective equipment: how "healthy" must PPE be?

  • Wednesday, 18 October, 9.30-12.30

OSH management systems/organization of occupational safety and health (in conjunction with the DGUV) 

  • Thursday, 19 October, 9.30-12.30

Biologically effective lighting: a dream of the future, or already long a reality? (in conjunction with the BAuA and the DGUV) 

  • Thursday, 19 October, 14.15

Inclusion versus the "standardized human being"

  • Thursday, 19 October, 14.50

Smart PPE – firefighters' opinions

KAN will also be present on the WorkPlace Design & Corporate Health stage in Hall 10 on Stand D28 on 18 October 2017 from 12:00 to 12:20 with a presentation on Biologically effective lighting.

We look forward to seeing you!


The KANBrief 3/2017 is now available: Standardization in healthcare

KANMail 09-25-2017

Things are happening in the healthcare sector: a new EU regulation governing medical devices recently came into force that has the aim of assuring the safety of patients and users alike. Standardization is encroaching – not least with the support of the European Commission – into more and more areas in the healthcare sector, the structuring of which should in fact be the preserve of the Member States. Reason enough for KAN to address the topic more intensively.


Brussels, 7 September: Workshop on "Smart Garments & Equipment"

Register up to 25 August: 

A Workshop on "Smart Garments & Equipment" will take place on 7 September at CEN-CENELEC in Brussels. Participation is free of charge. The language of the Workshop is English. 

In our daily life, we see more and more “smart” products appearing, also in garments and other (protective) equipment. Continuous developments of this type of products will further improve the performance and functionalities in the near future. 

To make sure that market introduction of this type of products is not hindered by lack of assessment methods to prove compliance with legal requirements, for instance on the protective functionalities, it is necessary to make sure that standards are up-to-date with these developments. 

The workshop is intended for representatives of manufacturers and designers of smart (protective) garments and equipment, of electronics (e.g. sensors, communication) that can be applied in smart equipment and for researchers in this domain or related topics. Also test laboratories, authorities or anybody with an interest in the subject are very welcome. 

The workshop will take place in Brussels on 7 September 2017 (CEN / CENELEC meeting center, Avenue Marnix 17, 1000 Brussels, from 10:00 to 16:00). 

There will be the possibility to join the meeting virtually.


Registration must take place no later than 25 August 2017.

Relevant Documents:



Registration form



KAN tuition module “Ergonomics of medical devices” available online free of charge

A new KAN tuition module on the ergonomics of medical devices is available online: . Registration is required for download of the pptx file.  

The new module adds the category of medical devices to the existing collection of tuition modules. The modules are provided by KAN free of charge. They support lecturers in including ergonomic aspects in their tuition, particularly for the training of engineers and designers.  

The new module highlights the particular ergonomic aspects of medical devices from the occupational safety and health perspective. Medical devices are frequently used by diverse users in diverse work systems and have a direct effect upon a patient’s body. They therefore have certain distinct properties not shared by other work equipment such as machinery.  

The module explains essential terminology such as fitness for purpose, usability and functionality. It provides an overview of legal requirements concerning the ergonomic design of medical devices, and of relevant standards governing them. The development process and its orientation to fitness for purpose and a number of usability methods are also addressed.

The KANBrief 2/2017 is now available: Digitalization and Industry 4.0

KANMail 06-28-2017

Digitalization is encroaching into more and more spheres of activity. What consequences does this have for companies and workers? How do people react to working with robots? Many developments are only beginning to emerge, and clear answers have often not yet been found. The articles in this edition of the KANBrief examine various aspects of digitalization and its significance for occupational safety and health


The KANBrief 1/2017 is now available: The EU and third countries

KANMail 04-03-2017

How can it be ensured that standards committees do not lose touch with reality and that standards take into account all important aspects of the future use of the products concerned? A standards committee on a field trip and users pooling their experiences, expectations and wishes during a workshop have led the way – and provided examples for others to follow.


A picture is worth a thousand words: The KAN Praxis "Machinery: finding ergonomic solutions" resource has been updated with drawings.

KANMail 03-27-2017

KAN aims to strengthen the focus upon machine ergonomics for machine purchasers, designers and developers of product standards, and to make ergonomics standards more suitable for practical application. The bilingual (English and German) web portal on machine ergonomics in the KAN Praxis series is one strategy for achieving this objective. On this portal you can find design examples of machines and machine components that are particularly effective in meeting ergonomic criteria. They are intended to describe solutions for reducing hazards arising from inadequate observance of these criteria.

Since the beginning of this year, the individual examples have been illustrated not only by photographs, but also by eye-catching drawings. These focus the viewer's attention upon the specific solution and by abstraction, also facilitate its transfer to other machines and situations.

The model solutions can be searched by a range of search options (by machine or detail solution, by ergonomic problem, and also by means of the search function). With this facility, KAN aims to simplify access to the content not only for manufacturers, but also for purchasers and other affected parties, and to demonstrate:


  •     The aspects crucial to the ergonomics of a machine
  •     The aspects that must be considered at the design stage
  •     Where corresponding information can be found, and which standards are relevant
  •     Finally, KAN also aims to feed suitable solutions back into the standardization process.

                       For this, we need your feedback. Click here to access the resource:


We are interested in finding further examples, from all areas of machinery. You can submit new suggestions to us at any time using the online form on the portal.

Do you have questions concerning the subject? If so, contact us!

Corrado Mattiuzzo
Tel.: +49 2241 231-3466

KANelot goes English

KANMail 01-13-2017

The KANelot board game and the online version of KANelot are now also available in English.

KAN’s board game, developed in 2015 and illustrated by Michael Hüter, is a playful way of learning about the standardization process and the scope for influence by the OSH lobby.

Follow the KANelot OSH Knights and Ladies of the Standards Table as they brave dragons and other challenges on their journey from the idea for a harmonized European standard through to its final realization.

Order the game free of charge here or browse through the various stages of the standardization process in the online version.

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