Topic 5 "Work in a digital world" organized by KAN


KAN was responsible for organizing Topic 5 "Work in a digital world" of the 4th International Strategy Conference on Safety and Health at Work, which was held in Dresden from 21 to 24 March 2016.

Please find below the presentations, results and some photographs of Topic 5. Click here to download the complete T5 programme. For some impressions of what happened during the T5 sessions, read the summary in the "We report for you" section. 

Results, photographs and videos relating to all five conference topics can be found at the  ISC 2016 website.

In addition, you can get some impressions of the conference on twitter, summarized under the #ISC_2016 hashtag.

Presentations by the speakers (in English)

Sabina Jeschke
RWTH Aachen
Download presentation
Kris de Meester
Federation of Enterprises
in Belgium (FEB)
Download presentation
(approval pending)
Kai Rannenberg
Goethe Universität Frankfurt
Download presentation
Britta Kirchhoff
Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz
und Arbeitsmedizin
Download presentation

Henk Vanhoutte
European Safety Federation (ESF), Belgium
Download presentation

Video Statement by Andrea Nahles (excerpts from a speech at A+A 2015)

Results of T5 "Work in a digital world"

At the beginning and at the end of the discussion, the delegates were asked to assess how strongly occupational safety and health will be influenced by digitializaiton in the next five years. Click here for the televoting results, before and after.

The topic of "Work in a digital world" was examined from four different perspectives. Each session started with a short introduction to the relevant perspective in order to provide the delegates with food for thought for the discussion, in which the nextmoderator® digital brainstorming tool was used. The delegates were seated in groups of three and used networked laptops to gather ideas, and to comment on and rate the contributions of other delegates. The most highly-ranked aspects of each breakout session were then presented to all conference delegates in the plenary sessions:


Vision: In what ways will work be changed by digitalization? See results
Mission: What conditions must be met to ensure that the digital world of work is humane?See results
Operative Goals: What contribution can and should the occupational safety and health lobby make to the process of digitalization?See results
Tools: What tools for occupational safety and health must be created or developed further?See results




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