The legal significance of technical standards as a safety yardstick

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What status do non-binding technical standards, published by DIN or other regulatory bodies such as VDE or VDI, have in relation to legally binding legislative measures?

In this book, the author of the KAN study into court rulings (see KANBrief 4/16) explains the crucial principles and interdependencies in detail. Illustrative examples regarding up-to-date good practice, the state of the art, product safety legislation, and legal duties to assure safety illustrate how legislation and the content of standards have taken effect through case law. The author also explains in lay person's terms that an interpretation that is 100% reliable, whether of legislation or of technical standards, is not possible: the various facets of each individual case make reliable predictions impossible, and different courts may rule completely differently even on the same case.

Die rechtliche Bedeutung technischer Normen als Sicherheitsmaßstab. (In German.) Thomas Wilrich, Beuth-Verlag, 2017, 412 pages, ISBN 978-3-410-25761-5 (hard copy), 978-3-410-25762-2 (ebook),
48 EUR

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